Esther's Memory (2013) with Erdem Helvacioglu

  • Recorded and Produced by Dr. Robert Scott Thompson
  • Mixed/Edited by Dr. Robert Scott Thompson and Stuart Gerber
  • Mastered by Nev Walker
  • Desgin by Tim Schwartz at
  • Aucourant Records ( AUREC 1208

We were lucky enough to have the support of a number of generous people to complete this project. The following people were the main contributors to the indiegogo campaign (contributing $50 or more):

Eppie Ozen
Christie Landes
Mehmet Adnan Helvacioglu
Ayse Teksoy
Melisa Fatma Onel Tecimen
Husnu Helvacioglu
Ahmet Ulug
M. Husamettin Suleymangil
Hande Love